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Pilots or future pilots – are you ready to begin or return to flying after having legal troubles with drugs/alcohol, or arrests involving motor vehicles and substances (DUI/DWI), or known issues with substance abuse or substance dependance, then the HIMS program is your pathway forward!

Dr. Shreder is Arizona’s most experienced and well-known HIMS AME and has helped numerous pilots return to their livelihood or passion – flying!

What is HIMS? 

This occupationally specific (aviation) method of dealing with substance abuse/dependence among professional and private pilots, developed from the Human Intervention Motivational Study (HIMS), exists today only because of the cooperative relationship between airline managers, pilot unions, FAA regulators, and health care professionals. Its goal is to save lives, and the program ensures that these airmen are safe to operate as part of the US aviation system.

The task of HIMS AMEs is to coordinate the identification, treatment, and return to the cockpit of impaired aviators. Companies, and pilot unions, along with the FAA and your AME, work together to preserve the careers and further air safety for specific airmen who require this program. Following a deferred medical, the FAA will send you a letter telling you if you require a HIMS AME – it is a select few Senior AMEs like Dr. Shreder who participate in the HIMS program.

HIMS also deals with pilots and depression through the SSRI protocol using medication such as citalopram, sertraline, fluoxetine, and escitalopram.

HIMS also addresses other conditions which affect pilot cognition, such as head injuries.

What is the Goal of the HIMS program?

The goal is to provide a structure within which pilots afflicted by the disease of substance abuse/dependence can be identified, treated and returned to duty- saving lives and careers and enhancing flight safety.

Addiction is a medical illness that affects the mid-brain. Alcoholism and any other drug dependency equal chemical dependency.

FAA Link

Airmen and Drug- and/or Alcohol-Related Motor Vehicle Action(s) | Federal Aviation Administration (

Dr. Eric Shreder has been and HIMS AME for 10 years.  He has experience with Alcohol and Drug Abuse and dependence. In addition, he is trained in the SSRI protocol.


Click the link below to be taken to our online scheduling page. Review the list of services to ensure you have selected the correct appointment type. If your union/airline has a contract price set for flight physicals, AMS will be charging the contract rate.

We look forward to seeing you.

Aviation Medical Solutions has three different vendors for you to choose from.
    • Fastest Labs (AZ only) – 480-550-7230
    • Accurate Testing (National Testing) – 636-383-9798
    • First Choice (National and International Testing) – 501-661-9992

When you are notified that you need to provide a sample. You can choose one of the three vendors listed above. You can download the enrollment form of your choice below.

Once you have enrolled with the vendor, Aviation Medical Solutions will send over your previously complected testing dates to ensure you remain compliant to ensure you continue to meet the FAA requirements.



  HIMS TESTING DOC Accurate Testing Revised 9.19.22