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I’ve got to get my FAA Medical completed by the 20th of the month – Or not!


Every month we see a mad rush to get Airline pilot FAA medicals completed by the 20th of the month – caused by the airline schedulers putting pressure on pilots to scramble for flight physical spots. The airline “threatens” to not put the pilot on the schedule for the next month. This puts a lot of pressure on the AME’s office to “squeeze someone into the first few weeks of the month”. In many cases this is unnecessary. In most cases the practice of getting the medical early is encouraged and a good idea, but not actually required. The point being – we usually have a VERY OPEN SCHEDULE from the 20th – 30th of the month. So don’t panic or sweat it. Let scheduling know that we have you on the schedule. We will get your FAA class 1 completed by the end of the month. We won’t keep you hanging!

Fly Safely – the Aviation Medical Solutions team and Dr Shreder