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Letters From The FAA


Isn’t in fun to open your mailbox and get official looking letters from the FAA?

Pilots Medical and Surgical History – But I already reported that – PRNC.

Pilots are Lazy, I know, you know. Ok pilots – here is where you get a chance to get your very own official FAA letter by being lazy. Many pilots have an extensive history of medical problems and surgical history. Regardless of what you think, the FAA MedXpress system does not “remember” your problems. It does not have a “queue” where I can click a button and see what you have previously reported. For pilots new to an AME, we don’t necessarily have immediate access to your previous exams – we must therefore “re-create” in our words (not yours) what you have reported to previous AME FAA exams. This “interpretation”, or “lack of clarity” is where costly errors can be made and FAA letters get generated. I don’t like to “interpret” your medical history if I don’t have to!

For instance, on question 18x




Instead, write appendectomy – PRNC.

Or for the question on loss of consciousness, write LOC, single incidence, due to dehydration, fully evaluated and documents previously sent and cleared by the FAA – PRNC.

Even for pilots that I have been seeing for years, it can take up to 45 minutes to dig thru every prior exam to check for verbiage that YOU previously reported. If you want to avoid an FAA medical dumpster fire, write WHAT WAS PREVIOUSLY REPORTED, then write PRNC!


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