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Pilot Medical Exam


Pilots, why schedule your pilot medical exam NOW or even a MONTH EARLY at the end of 2022?

Because of what ‘I’ll call the – “SLINKY EFFECT.” Remember the FAA’s emergency 3 month extensions on duration of pilot medical exams during COVID in 2020 (61.23)? This has created downstream problems for scheduling flight exams. 3 months worth of pilots who’s medical exams were due over the course of 3 months now want a flight physical in 1 month (not their usual month, but in a “new” month.) There are simply not enough time slots available to perform all of those exams. Also, remember there are MANY flight school students also competing for those precious spots. Please – think ahead try to schedule your flight physical “Now” before the “slinky” hits in November and December.

Fly Safely, Dr Shreder


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