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Pilots And Knee Arthritis


A middle age pilot was just seen and reported – “After dragging a bag around the airport – the bones in my knee are creaking!” I can’t perform a full knee bend.

Confirmed by ultrasound in my office, the swollen knee showed a significant amount of excess joint fluid (effusion). After painlessly draining 15cc of excess fluid, the treatment was simple. I injected, what is called Hyaluronic acid or viscosupplementation (a knee cushioning lubricant), into his knee. If a miracle had occurred after 1 minute and the obligatory “bandaid”, the pilot could perform the previously impossible – a deep knee bend. The pilot had never heard of this procedure. If injected on a regular 6 month basis, the knees, in many cases, be maintained for years. Not to be boastful, but at last count, I have performed over 11,000 of these beneficial injections. These can be combined with what professional athletes have done for years Platelet Plasma Rich Plasma Injections (PRP), a regenerative medicine approach to maintain the knees using your own blood components. Again, I was the first in the Phoenix area to perform PRP in my office – who knew? If you can relate to the scenario discussed above let me know at the time of your next flight exam. In most cases, based on current insurance deductibles, we can perform the procedure for cash at lower out-of-pocket costs than using your insurance!

P.S., the FAA is OK with these procedures. Fly Safe – Dr Shreder Senior AME / HIMS


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