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Special Issuances


What is a special Issuance Medical?

Certain medical conditions require additional information required by the FAA. A Special Issuance (SI) usually requires a yearly “status report” from the physician or specialist monitoring the condition. Initial Special Issuance exams are almost always deferred to the FAA to make the official decision and specify future medical and/or lab requests. The FAA will also determine the frequency with which they are required.

The airmen are responsible for sending their records to the FAA. Please refer to the article “document drama” AOPA magazine, page 122 April 2016, “We strongly encourage you, though, not to rely on the AME or any third party, for that matter, to send your records to the FAA for you. You should assume responsibility for the chain of custody of your records and ensure you mail them to the FAA. Be sure to make copies of everything you send to keep records if your records are lost in transit.

For a fee, Dr. Shreder’s staff will send records on your behalf as a courtesy, but ultimately it is your responsibility.

Dr. Shreder is experienced in expediting ANY SPECIAL ISSUANCE if it is at all possible! Because the FAA has a well-defined protocol for most Special Issuance medical conditions, there is no advantage in seeking one AME over another. The AME that will pick up the phone and call on the airman’s behalf is what you want!


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