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The Dreaded Vision Machine!!!


It strikes fear in the hearts of even seasoned pilots. It elevates their blood pressure and pulse rate! “What’s the most common reason pilots do not walk out of the office with an FAA medical certificate in their hand after having an FAA Medical Exam?”

The answer is – – drumroll – – THEY CAN’T SEE!

Well, they can’t see well enough for the class of medical that they are applying for. The standards for 1st and 2nd class medicals are 20/20 in each eye separately and in both together. A 3rd class medical requires 20/40. So, before your medical, make sure that you can see to the appropriate standard and if that takes getting a new set of glasses or contacts – well, that’s what it takes. Also, if you just had an eye exam, make sure the optometrist or ophthalmologist actually notates the “uncorrected and corrected acuity, i.e., 20/20, 20/30 etc. NOT -2.75 diopters!” Even if you bring the eye exam results – you still have to pass my vision test – on the “dreaded vision tester”. So, come prepared – welcome to the machine!


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