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The FAA Special Issuance Medical Certificate


How To Get an FAA Medical With Medical Conditions That Would Not Otherwise Qualify. For a special issuance medical consideration, FAA doctors will ask for medical and hospital records specific to the type of condition you had. Often, that first round of records will be sufficient for the FAA to make a decision. Sometimes, though, additional information is needed, especially if the first records you send are incomplete or inconclusive, or if there are abnormal results or other conditions are “hidden” in the records. You may get several letters over a period of months asking for more information before finally getting a decision. The doctors in Oklahoma City don’t want to ask you for any more information than is necessary, but they also won’t issue a certificate until there is as complete a medical picture as possible. Also, if a current STATUS REPORT is requested, make sure, if possible, to get the evaluation from an MD or DO, NOT a PA or NP. Just be patient and expect a few bumps in the road along the way. The process is time consuming and costly to maintain because of the required follow-up medical tests. The hassle notwithstanding, thousands of pilots have been certified under special issuance, including those needing a first class medical. Dr Shreder has personally worked to assist pilots to obtain THOUSANDS of Special Issuance Medical Certificates. To streamline the process, set up an initial FAA consult appointment.


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